[Podcast] Parental Leave Around The Globe

[Podcast] Parental Leave Around The Globe

In this Globig Podcast, we talk about parental leave around the world – who is eligible for parental leave, what kind of leave is mandated, and what companies need to know to be in compliance for some of the most common countries that businesses expand into.

It used to be that parental leave meant maternity leave – but it now includes paternity leave in many countries.

Our guest expert is Adriana Vergara, Director, Client Services – Human Resources for Global Upside. She has extensive experience in implementing and maintaining full HR compliance.  Global Upside offers Accounting, Payroll, HR, and Talent Acquisition Services globally.

In this podcast we discuss the following.

  • Maternity and Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Fostering
  • Sick leave for child or other family member
  • Who decides the details on parental leave benefits
  • If both parents can take off at the same time
  • If the the same job is required to be available after extended parental leave
  • What companies need to keep in mind when expanding internationally so they are in compliance


Podcast Transcription Parental Leave Around The Globe