Silicon Valley Vaporization: Are Startups Burning Too Much Cash?

Are too many startups burning too much cash too quickly? (Image Credit: Flickr by Adam Cohn / CC) SOMA, the Flatiron district, Palo Alto, and London Shoreditch. They’re some of the hottest addresses in the business world. Rents for…

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Getting Paid to Quit: Why some employers pay up to $25,000 to get employees to quit

The bad seed. The weak link. The well poisoner. Every office has one: the person who should have never been hired. Now some companies are fighting back against these morale-killing mismatches by adopting radical new programs that get bad hires to weed themselves…

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The Incubator Boom: How Much Do They Actually Help?

Accelerator launch party, San Francisco, 2014 Startup culture is white hot in America right now. Valuations are high, the IPO market is finally back, and the cost of starting a business is at historical lows, especially for many tech…

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In a Pickle: How a Famous London Skyscraper Went From $1 Billion to Zero in Just Seven Years

The Gherkin: A shiny missile able to blow up a balance sheet In statistics, pictures of risk often take the shape of elegant bell curves. But in real estate, a better visualization of risk might be the elegant missile-like…

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Despite Progress, Women Are Still Under-Represented in Management-Level Finance Jobs

Image Credit: Wikimedia/CC 3.0     Women in the financial services sector have by definition mastered working with numbers, but a survey of the latest statistics on the sector shows that there is one number women in financial services…

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