Judgment Day for Revenue Recognition: You’ve Been Warned

Massive, looming changes in how companies must record revenue could mean higher reported profits for many firms in a couple of years—particularly those in the tech sector—but huge efforts will be required to implement the new rules and it could take years before…

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From Singapore to Eritrea, Here Are the Best and Worst Countries to Do Business In

Singapore tops World Bank ratings. Founding father and prime minister from 1965-1990, Lee Kuan Yew, who died last month aged 91, deserves credit for his role in Singapore's economic success. Every year, the World Bank evaluates countries on a…

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The Five Trillion Dollar Hole

Alaska leads the US with the greatest per-capita public pension debt. (Image Credit: Wikimedia / CC) U.S. government officials don’t hesitate to lecture foreign governments who are running up big debts about the need to live within their means.…

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Watch Out For FATCA: The Long Arm of the IRS Now Reaches Overseas

Offshore bank accounts are popular in spy movies, but since last July they've gotten a different kind of attention. Thanks to the U.S. government’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), this tax season could be a bloodbath for some investors. You may not…

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Is the Gender Gap Turning Around?

Gender diversity in the tech sector has been all over the news recently, but a new study is threatening to turn some of the controversy on its head. Glassdoor is a social website popular in the technology industry that lets employees comment anonymously…

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