Recruitment Outsourcing? 3 reasons you should consider it

According to the Labor Department’s October jobs report, the unemployment rate is now just 5% – a seven-year low. As competition for the best talent heats up, more and more employers are looking for better, more efficient options to acquire talent without having…

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Upcoming Regulatory Changes to Impact APAC Payroll, Data Protection

APAC is a hotbed for HR and Payroll regulatory changes in the coming year. Here are some new laws coming into effect in early 2016 that impact companies with operations or planned expansion in the region. Japan: My Number Law takes effect from January…

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Centralizing Global Payroll? Three Things To Focus On

Companies are increasingly looking at ways to get better visibility, compliance and centralized systems for multi-country payroll. But getting that global strategy in place is far more complex than many initially envision. Consider these 3 things when planning for or implementing a centralized payroll.…

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Safe Harbor: New Guidance Reaffirms Use of Alternative Tools for Lawful Data Transfer

European Commission's latest guidance on the Schrems (Safe Harbor) ruling reaffirms the use of alternative tools for lawful data transfers to countries outside Europe, including to the U.S. Here are some details on these “alternative tools.”   Standard Contractual Clauses (“SSCs”): The European…

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Global Expansion: Getting it Right the First Time

International expansion done right is a key next step for growing companies. But a wrong move in the wrong market can often set off a chain reaction of legal, tax, compliance and HR complications that is tough to handle even for the most…

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