Safe Harbor: New Guidance Reaffirms Use of Alternative Tools for Lawful Data Transfer

European Commission's latest guidance on the Schrems (Safe Harbor) ruling reaffirms the use of alternative tools for lawful data transfers to countries outside Europe, including to the U.S. Here are some details on these “alternative tools.”   Standard Contractual Clauses (“SSCs”): The European…

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Global Expansion: Getting it Right the First Time

International expansion done right is a key next step for growing companies. But a wrong move in the wrong market can often set off a chain reaction of legal, tax, compliance and HR complications that is tough to handle even for the most…

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CEO Ragu Bhargava Gives Keynote Speech at Startup Event in Tel Aviv

Global Upside's Ragu Bhargava Will Address US Expansion Challenges at Startup Event in Tel Aviv Establishing a successful operation in the U.S. market is a critical challenge for many growth companies but many struggle to get it right. Join Global Upside CEO Ragu Bhargava…

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Contractors, Employees, and Economic Dependence

The dispute over what makes somebody an employee or a contractor continues to escalate. According to a study by Intuit, roughly 25% to 30% of U.S. workers are contingent, meaning they work as freelancers, temps, independent contractors or consultants. New guidance out this…

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Why You Should Move to Australia, Canada, or Austria

Ask people to name some of the best places to live in the world, and you might hear answers like New York, Paris, San Francisco, London or Tokyo. But those cities don’t make it into the world’s top ten most livable cities, as…

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