Virtual Open House Webinar Series

Virtual Open House Webinar Series

Do you need help with your international Human Resources, Payroll, or Finance questions? Global Upside will be hosting virtual open house sessions where our global HR/Payroll and Finance experts will focus on the unique challenges of operating in France, Brazil, and China. Sign up below for the a 25-minute open house with our experts.

Ragu Bhargava, Andrew Wilson, Nathan North, Mary Lemons

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Our Panelists


Ragu Bhargava
Co-Founder and CEO


Ragu Bhargava is an experienced financial executive, entrepreneur and leader. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of Global Upside, and its three sister companies: Global PEO Services, Mihi, and Gava Talent Solutions.


Andrew Wilson
VP, Strategic Accounts


Andrew helps some of the world’s leading companies tackle complex global HR and Payroll challenges. Prior to Global Upside, Andrew worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Oracle and also consulted for companies like Nestle, P&G, Pepsi-Cola and Colgate Palmolive.

Mary Lemons

Mary Lemons
VP, Human Resources Solutions


Mary manages Global Upside’s HR capabilities worldwide, including the provision of services for startup organizations in need of creating scalable and efficient HR infrastructures as well as mature organizations in need of adjunct resources.

nathan north

Nathan North
Director, Global Payroll


Nathan North is Director of Global Payroll and manages all aspects of payroll for Global Upside clients. Currently, he oversees payroll processing for 5000+ client employees across 45 countries.

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