[Podcast] Critical Global Expansion Checklist: Part 2

[Podcast] Critical Global Expansion Checklist: Part 2

In this second part podcast with partner Globig, we discuss: Preparing for Commercial Compliance – including IP Protection and Trademarking, Data Privacy, and Information Law to help you do business securely and compliantly from country to country. In Part #1 of this podcast series we discussed Corporate Setup, Governance, and Taxes so you’ll want to check that podcast out too.

Our guest expert is Linda Lim, the Director of Client Services at Global Upside. She manages all aspects of international expansion and has over 20 years’ experience in international finance and operations starting her career with KMPG Singapore and subsequently in senior Finance management roles in China, Hong Kong, UK and USA.

Since these are broad topics and we won’t cover everything, you can download the helpful checklist in the resource section at the bottom of this podcast blog page.

Preparing for Commercial Compliance

  • IP Protection of your product, services, brand
  • What type of training should the new employees undergo in the new entities/ countries on your policies regarding security, trade secrets, compliance, trademarking etc.?
  • Start the trademark protection process years in advance of going into foreign markets
  • What are the local anti-bribery rules?
  • How should the company ensure compliance with the U.S. FCPA and any such local rules?

Data Privacy and Information Law

Things that are important to prepare for include:

  • Are there any data privacy registration requirements?
  • Will the data flow trigger any data transfer obligations?
  • Are there any customer/employee notification requirements?
  • Are there any requirements regarding contracting with third party service providers?
  • Are there any requirements due to any monitoring (CCTV, computer, etc.)?
  • Are there any privacy policy (internal/ external) requirements?
  • Are there any requirements due to payment obligations?


Critical Global Expansion Checklist