[Podcast] Critical Global Expansion Checklist: Part 1

[Podcast] Critical Global Expansion Checklist: Part 1

Corporate Setup – Governance – Regulations – Taxes –

In this podcast with partner Globig, we talk about some of the key elements to consider from ‘The Critical Global Expansion Checklist’ and things you’ll want to prepare for and understand before you expand your business into a new country. We’ve split this topic into 2 podcast sessions because there are quite a few areas for us to discuss. We won’t cover everything but you can download the helpful checklist in the resource section at the bottom of this podcast blog page.

Our guest expert is Linda Lim, Director of Client Services at Global Upside. She manages all aspects of international expansion and has over 20 years’ experience in international finance and operations starting her career with KMPG Singapore and subsequently in senior Finance management roles in China, Hong Kong, UK and USA.

Some of the topics we explore on this podcast are listed below.

Corporate Set-Up and Governance

  • Is a local corporate presence required for the activities in question?
  • If so, is a subsidiary required or would a branch or representative office be sufficient?
  • What is the timeline for forming a subsidiary, branch or representative office?
  • How many directors are required for the entity?
  • Are there any local resident director requirements? If not, any resident/local agent required?
  • How long will it take to get a bank account, and how will you operate in the interim?
  • How long will it take to get credit? Will your company representative be personally responsible for any debt incurred?

Regulatory Issues

  • Are export licenses required in order to “ship”
    the technology and/or products outside the US?
  • Are import/customs licenses required in order
    for the technology and/or products to be received by the new entities?
  • Are there any other regulatory issues?


  • What are the tax implications of different entity formation alternatives (e.g., subsidiary, branch, rep office, etc.)? Would one entity formation provide a more favorable tax result than others?
  • What would be the most appropriate operational model to be utilized in this jurisdiction from business, transfer pricing and tax perspectives?
  • What would be the operational guidelines/ best practices in this jurisdiction to mitigate a taxable presence/permanent establishment risk for any other affiliate entity in this jurisdiction as well as taxable presence / permanent establishment risk in any other foreign jurisdiction?
  • What are the tax (corporate income tax, VAT/GST, etc.), transfer pricing, financial accounts reporting requirements in this jurisdiction and their associated deadlines?


Critical Global Expansion Checklist