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The 2016 UK Budget: Impact on HR and Payroll

UK’s 2016 budget has several guidelines and measures that may impact your UK payroll.  Below are some of the main highlights. Income Tax Thresholds. In April 2017, tax-free personal allowance will increase to £11,500 (a £300 increase). The point at which higher earners will…

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Colombia: New Tax Reforms Aim to Curb Tax Evasion and to Expand Taxpayer’s Pool

Colombian lawmakers wanted to tackle the problem of tax evasion head-on. Hence, the government proposed a few structural tax reforms last year. Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas confirmed this while speaking to the media. He said the new tax reforms would counter tax evasion and create a larger pool of…

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India Lays an Action Plan to Promote Start-up Ecosystem

India launched the ambitious “Stand up India, Start-up India” campaign in a high profile event in New Delhi last month. The event saw a series of announcements to encourage budding entrepreneurs to start their ventures in India. The campaign is also seen as a step to infuse…

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India: Lowering of Corporate Income Tax is on the Cards

Asian markets are fiercely competing with one another to attract foreign investment into their countries. India’s expected decision to lower corporate tax from 30 to 25 percent is seen as a positive step to remain competitive with other major Asian economies, especially China.…

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Global Expansion: Getting it Right the First Time

International expansion done right is a key next step for growing companies. But a wrong move in the wrong market can often set off a chain reaction of legal, tax, compliance and HR complications that is tough to handle even for the most…

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The Five Trillion Dollar Hole

Alaska leads the US with the greatest per-capita public pension debt. (Image Credit: Wikimedia / CC) U.S. government officials don’t hesitate to lecture foreign governments who are running up big debts about the need to live within their means.…

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Watch Out For FATCA: The Long Arm of the IRS Now Reaches Overseas

Offshore bank accounts are popular in spy movies, but since last July they've gotten a different kind of attention. Thanks to the U.S. government’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), this tax season could be a bloodbath for some investors. You may not…

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Brazil’s Taxing Dilemma

Dilma Rousseff recently won re-election but faces a difficult economy and a complex tax system.  (Image Credit: Wikimedia/CC 3.0 ) Brazil is one of the world’s largest emerging economies. Home to the World Cup last summer, the Olympics in…

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Expand your business overseas quickly and efficiently: 5 Tips

It’s easier than ever today for businesses to expand into international markets. A company with a great product is eager to make it available overseas. Still, there are important financial, tax, legal and organizational requirements to address when doing business overseas—and these requirements…

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