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EU Says Yes to Trade Secrets Directive

The European Parliament, in April, approved a new directive on the protection of trade secrets that will provide common minimum statutory standards for all member states and most importantly provide a clear definition of what constitutes a trade secret. As per the directive,…

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The 2016 UK Budget: Impact on HR and Payroll

UK’s 2016 budget has several guidelines and measures that may impact your UK payroll.  Below are some of the main highlights. Income Tax Thresholds. In April 2017, tax-free personal allowance will increase to £11,500 (a £300 increase). The point at which higher earners will…

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Payroll/HR Alert: China Lowers Social Security Contribution Rates

Beginning May 2016, corporations doing business in China can lower their contribution to Pension Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and Housing Provident Funds. The new policy, announced by the China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, aims to relieve corporate burden and increase employee…

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Keeping Private Data Private: EU’s New Regulations

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new common framework and is expected to be enacted by 2018. Under these new guidelines, member states must implement a set of common regulations, yet can include local additions. The common regulations are…

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Upcoming Regulatory Changes to Impact APAC Payroll, Data Protection

APAC is a hotbed for HR and Payroll regulatory changes in the coming year. Here are some new laws coming into effect in early 2016 that impact companies with operations or planned expansion in the region. Japan: My Number Law takes effect from January…

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Centralizing Global Payroll? Three Things To Focus On

Companies are increasingly looking at ways to get better visibility, compliance and centralized systems for multi-country payroll. But getting that global strategy in place is far more complex than many initially envision. Consider these 3 things when planning for or implementing a centralized payroll.…

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Thinking About Minimum Wage Increases in a Globalized Economy

There isn’t a country on earth whose citizens don’t want to increase their standard of living. For many, that could mean a bigger house or enough money to retire by 65; for others, it could mean simply clean water or long-term housing. The…

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