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UK Restrictive Covenants: An Overview

Restrictive covenants in the UK prohibit ex-employees from misusing the confidential information of their previous company, at the cost of their former employer, to profit themselves. Any employer who wishes to hire in the United Kingdom should be aware of these covenants to…

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5 Emerging HR & Talent Acquisition Trends

Today we live in a world where technology not only does things for us but also provides recommendations on what to do next. From recruiting talent to managing and motivating them; success depends on keeping pace with the technology trends and preparing HR teams to build state of the art…

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Recruitment Outsourcing? 3 reasons you should consider it

According to the Labor Department’s October jobs report, the unemployment rate is now just 5% – a seven-year low. As competition for the best talent heats up, more and more employers are looking for better, more efficient options to acquire talent without having…

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