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Contractors, Employees, and Economic Dependence

The dispute over what makes somebody an employee or a contractor continues to escalate. According to a study by Intuit, roughly 25% to 30% of U.S. workers are contingent, meaning they work as freelancers, temps, independent contractors or consultants. New guidance out this…

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Why You Should Move to Australia, Canada, or Austria

Ask people to name some of the best places to live in the world, and you might hear answers like New York, Paris, San Francisco, London or Tokyo. But those cities don’t make it into the world’s top ten most livable cities, as…

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Who Owns Your Photos?

What’s in your phone’s photo galleries? Probably some pictures of your children, a few shots of what you had for dinner at a nice restaurant, maybe you standing in front of the Washington Monument with a silly grin on your face. You might…

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If You Think New York is Expensive, Life in These 21 Cities is Even Pricier

Singapore tops the list of the world's 10 most expensive cities. (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / CC by 2.0) If you think New York is an expensive place to live, then the Economist's 2015 Worldwide Cost of Living index…

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Is the Gender Gap Turning Around?

Gender diversity in the tech sector has been all over the news recently, but a new study is threatening to turn some of the controversy on its head. Glassdoor is a social website popular in the technology industry that lets employees comment anonymously…

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From Alaska to Arkansas to L.A., U.S. Voters Vote for Higher Minimum Wages

Rallying to raise the minimum wage (Image Credit: Flickr by The All-Nite Images / CC) In August we reported on the growing movement across the U.S. to raise state and city legal minimum wage levels. We observed that in…

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Getting Paid to Quit: Why some employers pay up to $25,000 to get employees to quit

The bad seed. The weak link. The well poisoner. Every office has one: the person who should have never been hired. Now some companies are fighting back against these morale-killing mismatches by adopting radical new programs that get bad hires to weed themselves…

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Despite Progress, Women Are Still Under-Represented in Management-Level Finance Jobs

Image Credit: Wikimedia/CC 3.0     Women in the financial services sector have by definition mastered working with numbers, but a survey of the latest statistics on the sector shows that there is one number women in financial services…

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Thinking About Minimum Wage Increases in a Globalized Economy

There isn’t a country on earth whose citizens don’t want to increase their standard of living. For many, that could mean a bigger house or enough money to retire by 65; for others, it could mean simply clean water or long-term housing. The…

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What’s up at Facebook? An Alternative to Advertising, That’s What

Silicon Valley is buzzing with commentary on Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of international messaging platform WhatsApp. Some are calling it a brilliant, bold move, with Facebook “skating to the puck” by jumping deeper into mobile communications. Others warn that this kind of valuation…

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