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Europe: Year-End Closing Accounting Checklist

As the year-end approaches, it’s crucial for any company with business in Europe to comply with the annual accounting reporting requirements. Not only does this regularly pose a challenge for new and growing businesses, but even those with a long run on the…

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E-Invoicing to Become Mandatory in Italy from 2019: Key Things You Need to Know

General B2B and B2C E-invoicing becomes mandatory from January 1, 2019. Starting January 1, 2019, general business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) e-invoicing obligation will become mandatory. The e-invoice will be issued through the ‘Sistema di Intercambio’ (SDI) system, managed by…

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Shaping the Future: 5 Benefits of Cloud Accounting

As various issues of traditional on-site software crop up, many businesses prefer the benefits of the cloud platform for accounting. Cloud accounting is an innovative and cost-effective way of financial management that can enable the transformation of growth-oriented organizations. The survey “The Practice…

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4 Accounting Challenges Businesses Often Face

  According to a 2017 survey by recruitment firm Robert Half Australia, technology is the single biggest factor that will impact the finance domain now and in the future. 1. Changing Accounting Principles and Taxation Policies Regulations related to accounting, legal matters, and taxation…

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5 Accounting Updates for Public Companies

From time to time, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) suggests new rules to improve and reduce the complexity in accounting standards. Some of these changes impact all business entities that use GAAP. The latest updates have few important consequences for public companies.…

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Judgment Day for Revenue Recognition: You’ve Been Warned

Massive, looming changes in how companies must record revenue could mean higher reported profits for many firms in a couple of years—particularly those in the tech sector—but huge efforts will be required to implement the new rules and it could take years before…

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GAAP versus Non-GAAP: Which is Closer to Reality?

In the United States, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set the standard for how public companies report earnings. However, for many investors and other observers, this strict set of rules aren’t always the best measurement of performance, especially in newer industries like technology.…

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Accounting issues for expatriate employees

The US dollar has fallen more than 5% in the past year against the Euro and the British pound. Source: Bloomberg The cost of living for U.S. expatriates, U.S. employees based overseas, continues to rise, as a new survey…

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The Hard Thing About Audits

It’s not often you read a book by a technology CEO and come across an out-and-out attack on auditors. But this is what you’ll find if you read The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Building a Business When There Are no Easy Answers…

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Fixing an accounting crisis: One tech company’s story

 Growth is great, but when growth outpaces your accounting resources, problems can arise. In the rush to scale the business to meet customer demand, critical processes can get swamped. One tech company’s accounts payable process fell many months behind, with invoices piling up,…

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