Month: June 2016

Sweden: Non-Compete Period Capped at 18 Months

Under a new collective bargaining agreement on non-compete clauses, the restricted period may not exceed 18 months past the last day of employment. The new rules will apply to non-compete clauses entered into by employers bound by it as of December 1, 2015. These are…

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The German Business Climate

The German American Business Association (GABA) recently organized a seminar with executives from Global Upside, K&L Gates, Norton Enterprises, Datameer and Datavirtuality to talk about Germany’s business climate and things companies should keep in mind when expanding into or outside of Germany. Below…

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Denmark: Tax Relief on Employee Stock Options

Denmark has approved a new method of taxing employee share allocations and stock options. The new legal amendment (430/2016) will come into effect July 1, 2016. The changes allow companies to give up on a corporate tax deduction in lieu of favorable tax…

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Canada: New Tax Changes in 2016

The Canadian government recently announced measures that impact the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act. Here are the highlights: Implementation of Base Erosion and Profit Sharing: The Canadian government will be introducing new legislation that requires multinational companies to report their…

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