Month: February 2016

Canada: Review Employment Contracts to Limit Bonus Pay-off Obligations for Employees During Notice Period

Canadian courts have a clear-cut view on employee bonus: if the bonus is an integral part of the compensation then employers need to pay the bonus to their employees during the notice period.  However, in a recent ruling the Canadian judiciary recognized the…

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Hong Kong to Introduce AEOI Standard, US Companies Need to Review Compliance

Hong Kong announced the new Inland Revenue amendment bill last month. The bill offers a legal framework to set up the Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information (AEOI) in the country. The law will help in combating money laundering, corruption and terrorism financing.…

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Colombia: New Tax Reforms Aim to Curb Tax Evasion and to Expand Taxpayer’s Pool

Colombian lawmakers wanted to tackle the problem of tax evasion head-on. Hence, the government proposed a few structural tax reforms last year. Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas confirmed this while speaking to the media. He said the new tax reforms would counter tax evasion and create a larger pool of…

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Free Seminar: Global Expansion – Getting it Right

Join us for a complimentary seminar on "Global Expansion – Getting it Right" to learn real-world insights, examples, and practical tips for companies going global including: Steps companies should take to ensure they are truly prepared to expand Creating the optimal legal structure Tax and…

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India Lays an Action Plan to Promote Start-up Ecosystem

India launched the ambitious “Stand up India, Start-up India” campaign in a high profile event in New Delhi last month. The event saw a series of announcements to encourage budding entrepreneurs to start their ventures in India. The campaign is also seen as a step to infuse…

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Peru Persists with Structural Reforms to Boost the Economy in 2016

For over a decade, Peru has been one of the fastest growing economies of South America. Some key factors including better economic policies, plenty of natural resources, improved technology, and political stability have worked in its favor. Here’s an overview of some of the changes that…

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