Month: March 2014

Accounting issues for expatriate employees

The US dollar has fallen more than 5% in the past year against the Euro and the British pound. Source: Bloomberg The cost of living for U.S. expatriates, U.S. employees based overseas, continues to rise, as a new survey…

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The Hard Thing About Audits

It’s not often you read a book by a technology CEO and come across an out-and-out attack on auditors. But this is what you’ll find if you read The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Building a Business When There Are no Easy Answers…

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Fixing an accounting crisis: One tech company’s story

 Growth is great, but when growth outpaces your accounting resources, problems can arise. In the rush to scale the business to meet customer demand, critical processes can get swamped. One tech company’s accounts payable process fell many months behind, with invoices piling up,…

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Top 7 financial mistakes startups make

We’re all familiar with the stories of wildly successful startups. The Facebooks, Twitters and WhatsApps of the world are minting young millionaires at a healthy clip, to the envy of many other entrepreneurs. To some, it may look easy to start a company…

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